Kick of the new Week with this Energy boosting Smoothie!

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I guess you all know this feeling: too much to do, not enough time for everything, hitting your limits.

For me that’s always a sign to reboot and nourish my body and brain with easily accessible energy – Smoothie Time!
So I won’t talk much and just go ahead and share my favorite Smoothie Recipe with you today!

Green Smoothie
I know, so hipster.

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One way to dress during Rainy Season

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Even though I still had hope this years rainy season wouldn’t be as bad, this week all my hopes went down the drain
It’s raining nonstop since Monday and the next nice and sunny day is supposed to be Sunday in two weeks.

So here a little insight on what rainy season is like over here:
First, it starts to get slowly humid. Winter and most of Spring Tokyo weather is extremely dry, and then, once the season changes and you kind of feel comfortable with your hair not going electric and your skin feeling smoother than before, it’s already too late: rainy season is upon you.
In the beginning of June the temperatures are still among 20℃, so it’s rather fresh outside, but due to the high humidity, it’s the perfect weather to catch a big fat cold. Then, when July rolls around, the temperatures will go up quite a bit and walking outside will become equal to walking against a wall of jelly, that’s how thick the air feels…
I certainly do not like this season.

Now the real question: What should I wear?
That’s a little bit tricky. I like to wear cotton a lot, but because of the high humidity, cotton, especially in the form of thicker spun yarn, will just heavily hang on you because it will basically soak in all the water in the air. This is different with thinner cotton fabrics though, but still, cotton will feel a little clam and weirdly heavy during rainy season.
That’s why I switch to wearing airy – and mostly synthetic – fabrics during this special time of the year. Something that won’t stick to your skin all the time, won’t soak all the humidity out of the air, and also, will dry quickly once you get hit by a sudden shower!

This outfit had it’s rain day test the other day and was approved of! The top is a two layered shirt from Zara with the top layer being made of Polyester and the bottom layer from Viscose, and the skirt is made from layered Tulle!

But honestly, I can’t wait for rainy season to end and real Summer to start!

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A few days back I went to pick up YSL’s new FUSION INK FOUNDATION at Isetan in Shinjuku and with all the beautiful new things that came out recently I couldn’t resist and got a little more than I should have – so today I have a tiny haul for you!

And with it
a Shopping Haul Video.

Yes. There is weird me in motion, so make sure to scroll down to the end of this post!

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